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Live sales by local farmers

By conducting a live mail order where producers can sell directly

Reduce transportation costs by minimizing brokerage fees

​ is realized and you can get cheaper and fresher


Live sales of new and used cars

Through live sales including companies and individuals

Buying and selling is more realistic and feels like you are on the spot

It gives you a feeling.

NK3 is the

Guarantee escrow for final settlement


Live sales at local stores

At MOVER Live as part of regional revitalization

​Live production sales are also available for free


​Real estate live sale

Real estate is also bought and sold on MOVER Live.

Receiving purchase reservations during live performances, business negotiations, closing deals

Attend to ​


​Logistics connecting countries

Items purchased from overseas live mail order

By the country's MOVER default logistics system

Non-stop from vanning, loading and de-vanning

performed at ​



All products purchased through MOVER live mail order, whether in Japan or overseas, will be delivered to your home or designated location.

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